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.:Friends Only:.

this journal has been set Friends Only and there are rules before you add me. im not one of those strict persons who wont befriend you if your intrests arent the same as mine becouse everyone has there own opinion and likes, no one is the same. im really friendly and fun to know. i update my journal everyday. sometimes i may skip a day but never two. if you add me and never comment or comment once a year or whatever, then either expect to be banned from my friends list or for me not to comment on your journal either. so if your one of those people who just like to linger then dont take time in adding me. this is also a drama free zone so dont start shit with me or you'll be banned. if i know you in real life and say something you dont like, then deal with it and dont read my journal again becouse im tired of people who have problems with what i arite. this is my journal and i do have a freedom of speach just as everyone else and i respect that. if i write something about you that you dont like, then write something shitty about me in your journal. i'll probally deserve it. if you have thoughts, hates, or anything you want to write or say to me ever, even if you have to post anonomously, then do so becouse i want to hear what people have to say. it helps me know you better, and your personallity. you will probally read this and thing im a shit talker and im snobby but im not. ive never had any of these problems before, but if it ever happened, then this is what i'd say. above this entrie there is a cut for my about me so there ya go. before you add me comment with your favorite colour so that i know you read what i had to say. thx.